At Viking Locksmiths we understand the value of your vehicle and we do our best to meet your expectations. Our mission is to offer a reliable solution that everybody can afford. We are a small company which is growing everyday.We deal  with automotive electronics such as engine control modules (ECU/ECM), transmission control modules (TCM/TCU) security systems. Many problems has been solved and many vehicles has been fixed the right way.We use the latest Technology to perform our job on every car we work on as we thing and we treat our customers as family.Knowledge and Experience is the only thing that matters when it comes to quality and today we are here to offer you the most reliable quality on the market. All we do is electronics. When others do their job ‘as is’ we do ‘as MUST’ and this is the only way we treat every single thing we do. Today we are proud to offer you our solutions, our tools and our experience that is buildingup everyday . Viking Locksmiths Specialists has built the most advanced ‘bench-simulators’ that allow us to test your module in real time. We can trick the module thinking it’s in your vehicle and determine the exact problem. Unlike other companies who can’t prove you the result, we can! We can provide full diagnostic dealer-level report for any computer we work on. Isn’t is cool? Viking Locksmiths is not just a company. It’s a community built by the best specialists and our customers.We do all our best to get things done on time, we do everything with LOVE.We looking to expand our services in the near future so stay tuned for more upcoming updates.

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