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Our staff is fully trained to deal with any situation for any locksmith need of our customers .We strive to provide always a great customer service and efficient work. A bit about us- We are a proud team of highly skilled master locksmiths always ready to lend a helpful hand to customers for any type and model of car.

We offer variety of services within our company which includes all your car modules.We have at our disposal all the latest tools and the Dealer software level which allow us to service any electronic module on your car.For more info check our website or feel free to reach us

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We are providing now every service on your own doorstep just call or book us and get your problem fixed at your home. We provide efficient and quick solution for your automotive needs .We support any make and model from 1980 to the latest cars of 2022.


We are grateful to our community for the support that they provide to us so we would like to give back to our community by offering 10% off to the following categories

We are providing 10% discounts to all veterans, students, teachers & customers with special needs. 
*Proof Of Status Maybe Required*

We Fix Tesla Now!

Now Viking locksmiths supports Tesla keyfob programming and other programming services for your tesla. Ask us Today for more info !!!

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Viking locksmiths Is Now Offering Cluster Repair/Programming Service​

We Now Support Flashing, Adaptation, Programming of any module for all Mercedes Benz 2021-2022 Ask Us For More Info.

-Flashing -Cloning -Adaptation For The Following Vehicles

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are always competitive and affordable.

Viking Locksmiths company ethos is that we will not ever over charge our customers and we will always let the customer know upfront the cost of the service. We believe that our customers should make an informed decision on what they wish to spend on the service that they will need . Therefore, some of our locksmith prices and locksmith services are detailed below so you can have a rough idea what to expect.




Viking Locksmiths is a team of technicians who aim to solve all your automotive security problems promptly and efficiently. We have a lot of experience dealing with urgent situations that have to be solved immediately for the client’s safety and peace of mind. Our staff is fully trained to deal with any situation for any locksmith need of our customers .We strive to provide always a great customer service and efficient work. A bit about us- We are a proud team of highly skilled master locksmiths always ready to lend a helpful hand to customers for any type and model of car.



Ecu cloning






Call (586)6463429 whenever you need friendly, personable and knowledgeable locksmith service. We'll work hard to exceed your expectations and make your interaction with us a positive one.







Director Of Operations


"We now support all key lost till 2022 for the following Jaguar, Land Rover, Toyota, Volvo. Contact us for more info"
In this section you will find about any update or new services that we will provide in the future since Viking Locksmiths is always striving to provide a variety of new services which will help our customers in their daily automotive needs.



At Viking Locksmiths we understand the value of your vehicle and we do our best to meet your expectations. Our mission is to offer a…



All key slot functions for G chassis BMW are under development. All keys lost for the MQB platform under test very soon will be supported…



Here you will find our latest promotions and offers.

At Viking Locksmiths we understand the value of your vehicle and we do our best to meet your expectations. Our mission is to offer a reliable solution that everybody can afford. We are a small company which is growing everyday.We deal  with automotive electronics such as engine control modules (ECU/ECM), transmission control modules (TCM/TCU) security systems. Many problems has been solved and many vehicles has been fixed the right way.We use the latest Technology to perform our job on every car we work on as we thing and we treat our customers as family.Knowledge and Experience is the only thing that matters when it comes to quality and today we are here to offer you the most reliable quality on the market. All we do is electronics.

When others do their job ‘as is’ we do ‘as MUST’ and this is the only way we treat every single thing we do. Today we are proud to offer you our solutions, our tools and our experience that is buildingup everyday . Viking Locksmiths Specialists has built the most advanced ‘bench-simulators’ that allow us to test your module in real time. We can trick the module thinking it’s in your vehicle and determine the exact problem. Unlike other companies who can’t prove you the result, we can! We can provide full diagnostic dealer-level report for any computer we work on. Isn’t is cool? Viking Locksmiths is not just a company. It’s a community built by the best specialists and our customers.We do all our best to get things done on time, we do everything with LOVE.We looking to expand our services in the near future so stay tuned for more uupcoming updates.


It was my first experience with them they have the best quality staff available. On-time and on budget. Best services to have. Thanks.


I had an issue with my Audi a6 with safe light on the dashboard. Dealer could not program the key and advised that new cluster was needed to program a new key.I called Erin and he programmed a new key and fixed the safe issue on my dashboard in 15 minutes .Definetely he knows what he is doing. Highly recommended.

John Kenneth

Best service low price’s! Recommend to everyone!

Aldi Myrta

Viking locksmith has a trained staff  that is a qualified and licensed  and has the latest experience for state of the art locksmith services. Also, ensure your locksmith provides a 100% guarantee and warranty for their work and materials.

Viking Locksmiths LLC  is  licensed  and is efficient, fast and will ensure your possessions are safe and secure during the service. If you are using locksmith services for your car, home or business, you should ensure you have peace of mind that the locksmith you are using has the skills, experience and qualifications to carry out the job otherwise your work may be more costly in the long run.

Yes, we cut keys for all makes and models of cars, motorbikes scooters and a wide range of vehicles.
It is a very quick process, and our professional locksmiths should have you back on the road within 20 minutes.
Keys marked “Do Not Duplicate”, “Do Not Copy”, or “Unlawful to Copy” may be duplicated only if a letter of authorization from the owner or supervisor is presented with the request for duplication. If we are not already familiar with the property, and if we can't confidently confirm the keys belong where you say it does, then under the Business and Professions Code of California, Section 6980.54, the duplication of such keys is prohibited. However, if we know you are authorized to make the request (by written authorization), you would need to provide a valid photo ID, and sign a form with the necessary information required by California state law.
Currently we can program all the keys and smart keyfobs for any vehicle in the market including some of the  most luxurious cars such Maserati, Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini etc.Call us for more info
If you are the original buyer of the vehicle, you may have a key code available. A professional auto locksmith can help you determine that. Just give us a call, so we guide you.
High-security locks have restricted key access, and these keys are very difficult to duplicate. They also offer the safest protection against potential burglaries, so if that is your concern, just ask us for the options. 
If your key broke inside of your lock and the door is unable to open and the key is stuck in there, give us a call. We can send out our locksmith technician to remove it in no time. 
No. We have the best locksmiths near you, and they will use the safest methods and practices, without causing any damage to your car or truck.

Cloning is a technical process in which the existing data of the module is duplicated in the replacement module. The data including the VIN Number allows that the old module is replace with the new one. In Advamex, our highly experienced technicians use a new or used module for the cloning process. With our high-quality cloning processes, there is no additional programming needed before installation.

If you car begins to have problems with the motor, such as sudden shut down or rough starts, the ECU needs to be repaired generally. While our technicians can repair most of the ECU problems, the damanged modules ECU, ECM, PCM and FICM must be cloned or repaired. Our laboratory can clone the ECU data into the new module without incurring high costs.

Car tuning is the modification of a car to optimise it for a different set of performance requirements from those it was originally designed to meet. Most commonly this is higher engine performance and dynamic handling characteristics but cars may also be altered to provide better fuel economy, or smoother response. The goal when tuning is the improvement of a vehicle's overall performance in response to the user's needs. Often, tuning is done at the expense of emissions performance, component reliability and occupant comfort.

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David Tenes
David Tenes
Great company to deal with they went above and beyond my expectations to make sure everything was done correctly. I would highly recommend them.
Jay Peltier
Jay Peltier
They did a great job, went the extra mile to get the job done. Highly recommend
Josue Canales
Josue Canales
Hello boy, here I leave you a comment from the boy who repaired my car, I had lost my keys and in time he arrived, he opened the door for me quickly and took out the new key for my car, he does home work, it is very good, I guarantee it
Patrick Mceachin
Patrick Mceachin
Great service!!! great price!! Quick and good!!
Shabo Sarmad
Shabo Sarmad
The best service ever I lost my Audi A8 2014 key they bring it to me in one hour
Slasher Games
Slasher Games
Lost the only key to our family’s 2009 Audi A4. After calling the dealership and finding out the outrageous amount for a new key, plus the several days it would take to get it, and also calling several car locksmiths who said the only way to do it is through the dealership, I stumbled across Viking Locksmiths. Aaron (sp.), was super upfront and professional. He was able to meet me where the car was and get a new key FOB working in 10-15 minutes of meeting up, and it literally cost a fraction of what the dealership was charging. Couldn’t recommend this company enough.
These guys are absolutely amazing! Super fast with responding and service! It’s so nice to meet people that care about their customers and service they provide!
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson
I couldn't find anyone in my area that did high-end cars. My Lexus was recovered after being stolen so i had no key and it had a security issue. I finally called Viking. Aaron was out (over hour away) later that day. After all available options failed, Aaron advised me only option left was to virginize my ecu but wouldnt be for a couple days til he returned. He returned a few days later plugged the ecu up and I fired right up!! Viking locksmiths do incredible work. I recommend them over anyone!! They have all the equipment needed for the high-end cars and also have the knowledge. Only thing I am disappointed about is why can't I give them a higher rating than a five. From one Aaron to another.....thank you bro I appreciate it!
Shell Sea
Shell Sea
Best price around, available immediately, super friendly and wonderful service overall!! Definitely recommend this locksmith company!
Jordan Adam
Jordan Adam
Great service and good quality. Very profession I highly recommend their service.

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